Inflatable mattress for rescue operations. It can be attached to the EVEREST BAG by means of aluminum buckles fixed to the mattress.

The straps holding the patient can be attached to 12 points on the mattress: 4 on each side, 2 at the head and 2 at the feet. This allows great flexibility in positioning and orientating the patient.

Equipped with:

- 6 handles for transportation (3 per side)

- 8 aluminum buckles for attaching to the EVEREST BAG

- 2 straps for securing the patient: length 5 m.

- carry bag

- pump

Working pressure 0.4 - 1.0 bar with inflatable valve for a Ceredi 6276 pump

Weight: 5.9 kg excluding pump.

Dimensions: 1840 mm x 450 mm x 65 mm

Technical documents

Item codes

ItemRef.DMN. Reg. DMMaterialColour
872060000KK ////

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