Set composed by a Harken LokHead 500 winch, a 10-hole BigRig plate and a stainless steel mobile jaw which allows the system to be mounted on tubular structures with a diameter from 48 to 50 mm (a minimum resistance of 12 kN is required), on the 4D POLE and on the CEVEDALE tripods series. The LokRig Set has been designed to facilitate the handling of loads during work at height or rope access operations and for technical rescue. The LokRig Set must be used only by operators trained in the specific use since, despite being relatively simple to use, the complexities of the evaluations to be carried out require a high qualification. The LokRig Set can be used with 10-12.7 mm diameter textile ropes. The very useful and really innovative function is the possibility to release the load by controlling speed and safety. The part defined as "winch" scales down the load and considerably reduces the force required for the operator to use it; the direction of rotation is clockwise but with double speed, 13,5:1 for low load/high speed use and 39,90:1 for high load/low speed applications. Certified according to the RfU CNB/P/11.114 standard (for simultaneous use up to 6 people) and tested in accordance with EN 795/A, CEN/TS 16415 (for 2 people) and EN1496/B up to a maximum of 240 kg (150 kg when installed on CEVEDALE BASE). Supplied in a practical ultra-resistant suitcase that can accommodate the kit and any possible accessories.

Item codes

ItemMaterialWeight (kg)
817610000KK817610000KK EN 1496/B
CEN TS 16415/A
EN 795/A
RfU CNB/P/11.114
Alu alloy

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