Stretchers accessories


Floating kit for stretchers, designed an..


Inflatable mattress for rescue operation..

Vacuum 4

Vacuum mattress for patient immobilizati..


Back protection for Lecco stretcher made..


A real revolution for helirescue world!

Lecco - Orion

Hanging kit for all kind of carriage  

ARK (Anti Rotation Kit)

System which prevents the rotation of th..


Micrometric regulation system for stretc..

Everest - Carriage Rucksack

Comfortable and compact rucksack with ha..

Everest - Rescue bag

Rescue helicopter bag designed to be use..

Everest -Taylan

Fasten webbing system for X-TRIM board

Everest Patty

Multiuse hanging kit made of two single ..

Express carriage frame

Light and modular frame that can be disa..


Device for the immobilization of the inj..

Lecco - Aquarius

Holding kit to fix the stretcher to the ..

Lecco - Evolution

2 pieces double hanging kit

Lecco - Gemini

Hanging kit for cableway or airway trans..

Lecco - Grips

Two pieces grip for an easy assembling o..

Lecco - Handles

4 handles to guide the stretcher when fi..

Lecco - Twin Willy

Twin wheels for a better stability compa..

Lecco - Virgo

Heavy load safety webbing for vertical o..

Lecco - Visi

Special pillow fitted with a visor made ..

Lecco - Willy

The wheel, with low pressure tyre, can b..