In the spotlight

A selection of products that cannot be missing in your equipment or that at least deserve a look!


The AccessRig Set has been designed to f..

Cave stretcher

Stretcher developed and designed for cav..

Elastic Tether Evo Double

Double arms elastic safety tether for im..


Floating kit for stretchers, designed an..

Frog 360

FROG 360 is the integration of our famou..

Genius II

Resistant carriage and hauling bag, fitt..


Work and positioning harness, extremely ..


Elastic arms via ferrata set conform to ..

Mini Frog

Miniaturized version of the famous FROG ..

Quick Release 525

Stainless steel AISI 316 quick release f..


The SRK (Snow Rescue Kit) system allows ..

Swivel anchor connector

Swivel anchor connector made of high qua..

Tango 360

Integration of our Tango connector with ..


New high quality climbing and mountainee..

Vacuum 4

Vacuum mattress for patient immobilizati..