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European Standards


Technical Committee for PPE against falls from a height


  • DefinitionEN 341Descender device
    Rescue device whereby a person may descend by himself, or aided by a second one, at a controlled speed from a higher to a lower place.
  • DefinitionEN 353-1Guided type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line
    Connecting element specified for a sub-system with a guided type fall arrester. A rigid anchor line may be a rail or a wire rope and is intended for securing to a structure in such a way that lateral movements of the line are limited.
  • DefinitionEN 353-2Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line
    Connecting element specified for a sub-system with a guided type fall arrester.
    A flexible anchor line may be a synthetic fibre rope or a wire rope and is intended for securing to an upper anchor point.
  • DefinitionEN 353.1 + EN 353.2Guided type fall arrester
    Fall arrester with a self-locking function and a guide facility. The guided type fall arrester travels along an anchor line, accompanies the user without requiring manual adjustment during upward or downward changes of position and locks automatically on the anchor line when a fall occurs.
  • DefinitionEN 354Lanyards
    Connecting element or component of a fall arrest system. A lanyard may be of synthetic fibre rope, wire rope, webbing or chain.
  • DefinitionEN 355Energy absorbers
    Element or a component of a fall arrest system, which is designed to dissipate the kinetic energy developed during a fall from a height.
  • DefinitionEN 358Belts for work positioning and restraint, and work positioning lanyards
    Support for the body which surrounds it at the height of the waist.
  • DefinitionEN 361Full body harnesses
    Body support primarily for fall arrest purposes, i.e. a component of a fall arrest system. The full body harness may comprise straps, fittings, buckles or other elements, suitably arranged and assembled to support the whole body of a person and to restrain the wearer during a fall and after the arrest of a fall.
  • DefinitionEN 362Connectors
    Connecting element or component of a fall arrest system provided with a self closing and a self or manual locking facility.
  • DefinitionEN 397Industrial safety helmets
    Headgear primarily intended to protect the upper part of a wearer's head against injury from falling objects.
  • DefinitionEN 795Anchor devices
    An element or series of elements or components which incorporates an anchor point or anchor points.
  • DefinitionEN 813Sit harnesses
    An arrangement of straps, fittings and buckles or other elements in the form of a waist belt with a low attachment element and connecting support encircling each leg suitably arranged to support the body of a conscious person in a sitting position.
  • DefinitionEN 1496Rescue lifting devices
    class A:
    Component of personal protective equipment for rescue purposes, by means of which persons are able to lift themselves from a lower to a higher place, or they are lifted by a rescuer.
    class B:
    As rescue lifting device class A, but in addition persons can descend from a higher to a lower place, or they can be lowered by a rescuer.
  • DefinitionEN 1498Rescue loops
    Component of personal protective equipment for rescue purposes consisting of elements designed and constructed so that during the rescue process the rescuee is held and kept in a defined position.
  • DefinitionEN 1891Low stretch kernmantel ropes
    A textile rope consisting of a core enclosed by a sheath, designed for use by persons in rope access including all kinds of work positioning and restraint; for rescue and speleology.