Confined space kit - work and evacuation

Confined space is any restricted environment, where the danger of death or serious injury is very high due to the presence of substancies or dangerous conditions (e.g. Lack of oxygen). Confined spaces are easily identifiable because of the presence of small openings, as in the case of tanks, silos, containers used in reactors, closed drainage systems, sewer systems. Other types of confined spaces, not so easy to identify but equally dangerous, could be: open cisterns, tanks, combustion chambers in furnaces, pipelines, areas with inadequate or absent ventilation. Kong offers a kit for worker movement both in normal operations and in case of evacuation. It is compulsory the use of a descender device conform to CE standard EN 341 (INDY EVO #801.02) for rappelling over 2 meters.
Suggested Training: Training for confined spaces (24 hours)