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Alu alloy rescue tripodAlu alloy rescue tripodAlu alloy rescue tripod
Alu alloy rescue tripod
Alu alloy rescue tripod
Alu alloy rescue tripod

Mountain rescue tripod

two winches

CEVEDALE is a tripod made of aluminum light alloy fitted with extendible poles with 6 positions (165÷254 cm). It is fitted with two speed winches for ice, rocks, civil operations. Light, compact and easy to be used CEVEDALE allows a quicker intervention and fit on any type of ground. It is very easy to carry in its special PVC bag. 
It is supplied with all accessories needed for intervention. Very easy and quick assembling operations. CEVEDALE can be also used as a “fishing pole” on vertical rock /glacier in emergency situation.
Supplied with accessories (n° 2 Heavy Duty pulley and n° 3 HMS screw sleeve connectors).
High quality product, made in Italy!

Recommended for

Professional: Rescue activitiesMountain rescue, Firebrigades and civil protection
ArticoloMaterialWeight (kg)
842000000KKCE EN 1496CE EN 795/BAlu alloy25 kg