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KES 1 – Kong Evacuation System
Individual evacuation system from a workstation at height. Load capacity: one person.
Device that allow the evacuation of one operator with a descent up to 300 meters from workstations at height (cranes, wind turbines, rigging frames, power lines...).
The device is equipped with a rope with a diameter of 9 mm type A and two connectors at the ends.
The innovative magnetic brake system allows to automatically modulate the speed of descent according to the applied load. The braking system does not wear mechanical parts nor the rope.
The slotted rope on both ends allows the evacuation of more operators in sequential way.
Available with pre-assembled 30, 50, 80 m rope; other lengths on request.
Descent at a controlled speed of ca. 0.8 m/sec.

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ArticoloMaterialColourMain dimension (mm)Minimum rope diameter (mm)Maximum rope diameter (mm)
228010300KKCE EN 3414100Polish/99
228010500KKCE EN 3415300Polish/99
228010800KKCE EN 3417100Polish/99