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Harness EyeDownload PDF

Carbon steel versionStainless steel versionAlu alloy version
Carbon steel version
Stainless steel version
Alu alloy version

Different materials

Straight gate


Asymmetric carabiner, straight gate and eye, available made of different materials.

Recommended for

Components: ActivitiesSailing
437050Z00KK/Carbon steelKeylockPolished///22Asymmetric5233569
437060Z00KK/Carbon steelKeylockPolished///34Asymmetric6540,56712
437080Z00KK/Carbon steelKeylockPolished9//75Asymmetric8551,581018
437100Z00KK/Carbon steelKeylockPolished17//142Asymmetric10060101119
437120Z00KK/Carbon steelKeylockPolished22//207Asymmetric12572,5111526
537050000KK/Stainless steelKeylockPolished3,5//19Asymmetric5333,5569
537060000KK/Stainless steelKeylockPolished5//33Asymmetric6540,56712
537080000KK/Stainless steelKeylockPolished15//78Asymmetric85,551,581018
537100000KK/Stainless steelKeylockPolished22//144Asymmetric100,560101118
537120000KK/Stainless steelKeylockPolished28//215Asymmetric12472,5111526
537200000KK/Stainless steelKeylockPolished24//512Asymmetric201,5129132556
707050100KK/Alu alloyKeylockPolished///14Asymmetric5233569
707060100KK/Alu alloyKeylockPolished///16Asymmetric6540,56712
707080100KK/Alu alloyKeylockPolished5//29Asymmetric8551,581018
70708BN00KK/Alu alloyKeylockCyan/Black5//29Asymmetric8551,581018
707100100KK/Alu alloyKeylockPolished17//49Asymmetric10060101119
707120100KK/Alu alloyKeylockPolished22//78Asymmetric12572,5111526